St. Louis Music Acquires Compass Ligatures

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
SLM CEO Mark Ragin

SLM CEO Mark Ragin

St. Louis Music (SLM) has purchased Compass Ligatures, a ligature system that can be applied across all types of saxophones and clarinets.  Previously brought to market by Claude Lakey, SLM will now be the exclusive owner and distributor of Compass Ligatures worldwide.

Mark Ragin, CEO of SLM, says, “The Compass Ligature is a great example of innovative and unique products that enhance consumer experience, which is exactly the product we are looking to work with. We had a great relationship with the previous sellers and also with the inventor and saw a great opportunity to grow our accessories when we heard he was looking for a partner.”


Zoom North America Appoints Intellimix as Canadian Sales Partner

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016
Intellimix’s Kurtis Castello (left) & Andrew Sudlow

Intellimix’s Kurtis Castello (left) & Andrew Sudlow

Japan-based Zoom Corporation has appointed its affiliate Zoom North America as its distributor in Canada, starting with the ARQ Aero RhythmTrak and H4n Pro Handy Recorder products. Accordingly, Zoom North America has appointed Intellimix Corp. as its partner for fulfillment and service in the Canadian marketplace.

Omnimedia, which has represented Zoom in Canada for many years, will continue to operate as the sole distributor of Zoom legacy product (product introduced prior to the 2016 NAMM Show) until July 31, 2016. Intellimix has told Professional Sound that as of June 1st it will be selling the new products off the assembly line and as of August 2016, it will take over fulfillment of orders for all of Zoom products for Canada.


SFM Now Distributing Wylde Audio Guitars

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

SFM is now the exclusive Canadian distributor of Wylde Audio, the new company created by legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde.

wylde-dist516The Canadian partnership is part of a worldwide distribution arrangement between Schecter Guitar Research and Wylde Audio, whereby Wylde Audio guitars will be distributed via Schecter’s international distributor network in over 70 countries.


Yorkville Now Distributing New Aston Microphones Range

Thursday, May 26th, 2016
Yorkville’s Jeff Cowling

Yorkville’s Jeff Cowling

Yorkville Sound has added British studio microphone builder Aston Microphones to its catalog of distributed lines.

Newly founded in the U.K., the first four products in the Aston catalog are the Origin and Spirit studio microphones, the Rycote compact shockmount, and the Halo reflection filter. All Aston products are designed and built in the U.K. and will be shipping this summer.

“Aston Mics have hit the recording scene with a bang, and we at Yorkville Sound are thrilled to represent these products in Canada,” Jeff Cowling, VP of sales and marketing at Yorkville Sound, tells Canadian Music Trade. “The unique look of the Origin and Spirit microphones immediately turns heads, but it’s the sound that really impresses users. The game-changing design of the Halo reflection filter is sure to be an engineer’s dream for studios of all sizes.”


Cymatic Audio Appoints Audio Plus Services/Plurison as Distributor in the U.S. & Canada

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016
Plurison's Simon Côté

Plurison’s Simon Côté

Cymatic Audio has announced the appointment of Audio Plus Services (USA) and sister company Plurison (Canada) as the distributor of its line of multi-track recorders and players throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Audio Plus Services/Plurison is the distributor of high-end hi-fi and professional brands, such as Focal, Naim, Cambridge Audio, SPL, and many others.


Coast Music Now Distributing Remo Percussion Products in Canada

Friday, April 1st, 2016
Rush's Neil Peart is a Remo drumhead user

Rush’s Neil Peart, a Remo drumhead user

Remo has announced that effective today, April 1st, 2016, Coast Music (JAM Industries) will be the full line distributor of Remo products in Canada.

“We are very excited to be working closely with one of the most well-known brands in the music industry. The impact Remo had since patenting the world’s first synthetic drumheads has led to many innovations and unlimited opportunities for the use of drums and drumming in everyday life, and we are thrilled to be part of their vision for the future,” Scott A. Atkins, national sales manager for percussion brands at Coast Music, tells Canadian Music Trade.