EMG Now Selling Direct To Canadian Dealers

Friday, August 14th, 2015
Scott Wunschel

EMG National Sales Manager Scott Wunschel

Santa Rosa, CA-based pickup and accessory manufacturer EMG has established an in-house team to handle sales, service, and marketing to the Canadian retail and luthier market and is moving all Canadian distribution to its main facility.

“When our long-time distributor decided to close up shop, we saw opportunity to handle sales, service, and marketing directly with retailers and builders in Canada,” says EMG National Sales Manager Scott Wunschel.

EMG also has a complete video production facility that produces artist performance videos, product demos, commercials, and promotional video. Adds Wunschel, “Having the ability to create usable video content that can aid dealers in the marketing and selling of EMG products is something we have been invested in since 2008.”

For more information, contact EMG: 800-821-1446, sales@emgpickups.com, www.emgpickups.com.