CMT eNewsletter Survey

Friday, October 17th, 2014

CMT eNewsletter Survey

Canadian Music Trade surveyed MI store owners and managers across the country to find about their experiences and practices regarding eNewsletters. Check out the From the Floor section on pg. 9 of the October/November issue of CMT to find out how and why to create an effective eNewsletter.

Here are the results…

Does your store send a customer newsletter via email (eNewsletter) to existing and potential customers?

Yes                                          26.47%

No                                           47.06%

We did, but stopped               11.76%

We’re planning to start one     14.71%

If yes, what information do you include in the eNewsletter? (Select all that apply)

New product arrivals                                      35.29%

Product info                                                    23.53%

Upcoming store events                                   38.24%

Coupons                                                          14.71%

Sale info                                                          35.29%

Non-store info that could be of interest         17.65%

Local music scene updates                              17.65%

Endorsing artist updates                                 11.76%

Other                                                               5.88%

N/A                                                                 50%

How do you collect email addresses for the eNewsletter?

At the cash register                             23.53%

Online sign-up via store’s website       2.94%

Social media                                        2.94%

All of the above                                  26.47%

Other                                                   8.82%

N/A                                                     35.29%

How often to do send an eNewsletter?

Weekly                                    5.88%

Bi-weekly                                2.94%

Monthly                                  5.88%

Few times a year                     14.71%

Once a year                             0%

Only for special occasions      20.59%

Never or almost never             50%

If you send an eNewsletter, can you directly attribute some of your sales to its effectiveness?

Definitely        14.71%

Sometimes       23.53%

Hard to tell      8.82%

Rarely              8.82%

Never              2.94%

N/A                 41.18%

Based on your store’s experience, what type of eNewsletter content generates the best reader/customer response and how have you changed your eNewsletter to make it more effective?

“Updates on upcoming sales and clinics generate the most interest and effectiveness. That has easily become our primary means of reaching our customers. Incorporating links into the email to send customers to our website is also important.”

“Information on specific sales and top rated (well known) artists get the best reception.”

“More events and new products that excite us here at the store. They are interested in our opinion due to us being on the street for 43 years.”

“The best response from eNewsletter content we get is usually attributed to the announcement of new products, storewide sale campaigns and discounted items. We’ve taken notice of this trend and continue to adapt our emails on an on-going basis to cater to what our readers are responding to.”

“As a repair venue, we are planning on having tips and fun info about our shop.”

“I don’t an eNewsletter but use Facebook to place some novelties and odd stuff and communicate with customers.”

“We have aimed it more specifically at short term “while quantities last” type promotions to greater success than allowing it to be vague.”

“We have had the best success with customers using our website.”

“If there is a product people like then they respond.”