Utilizing Tablets To Drive Sales & Inspire Customers

Friday, July 12th, 2013
By Steven Butterworth

iPad Mini image

Assuming you have effective programs to attract customers to your store – lessons, PA rentals, clinics, special events, and the like – and well trained, knowledgeable, customer-focused staff, the next most challenging thing to put in place is an engaging and entertaining retail environment.

Now, it would be great if every manufacturer or distributor could provide every one of their retailers with a crew of demonstrators and artists at every store, every week to entertain and engage customers on their products, but that simply isn’t possible. And as talented and knowledgeable as you and your staff members are, you have many things to do in the typical day, week, and year, and cannot devote as much time as would probably be ideal to engage every customer at the deepest possible level with an entertaining product presentation.