Shryane Stock: A Fundraiser for Lawrence Shryane

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Shryane stockFrom our friends at 102.1 The Edge

On Monday, Dec. 8 a fundraiser concert will be held for Lawrence Shryane at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. For many years Lawrence worked hard putting together and organizing concerts in Toronto but recently had to stop. Due to a series of serious medical complications over the past couple of years, he is unable to do what he knows and loves.

With the loss of income, the bills are now well beyond what he and his family can afford. It’s tough enough to face financial crisis as an independent contractor, but it is almost unimaginable to have to face that while going through a life changing medical crisis as well. We had all been hoping he would turn the corner and get well enough that he could resume duties in the production world, but he needs his friends and supporters now more than ever.


Kid Rasta and the Peacemakers


Rebel Emergency (reunion)


SOCAN Survey: Music has strong impact on consumer holiday shopping experience

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Socan-Infographic-Holiday-Music_ENGThe following is from SOCAN:

The holidays are a popular time of year for playing holiday-themed music in public places, but that doesn’t mean everyone feels the same about it. Thirty-six per cent of Canadians have left a store because of the music being played, and 29 per cent have stayed in a store due to it, reveals the latest Holiday Music Survey from SOCAN. The poll, which was conducted by SOCAN with Leger Intelligence Group, strongly suggests that music can have a dramatic impact on consumer’s holiday shopping experience.

In addition to how customers behave while in a store, music also gets them in the mood to shop. Nearly half (33 per cent) of Canadians say that hearing holiday music – either in stores or on the radio – reminds them that it’s time to pick up gifts.


Multi-Media Exploration of Music’s Significance Comes to NAMM Museum of Making Music

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

WMMTMCombining moving testimonials, original photographs and audience participation, the NAMM Museum of Making Music unveils “What Music Means to Me” its most personal and interactive exhibit yet. Inspired by Richard Rejino’s multifaceted project of the same name, “What Music Means to Me” opens up a channel where music makers—amateur, accomplished or aspiring—can communicate the power of music in their lives. Patrons are invited to view, listen and contribute to the experiential exhibition, which opens on December 12, 2014 and runs through August 2015.

“We were interested in creating an exhibition around Rejino’s work because it shines a light on the core purpose of our work at the Museum of Making Music,” says Museum executive director Carolyn Grant. “We believe that music-making matters, that it is significant to the human experience. This unique exhibit illustrates that music-making offers direct access to expression through sound. Through music, we can connect at a very deep level with life–from the everyday happenings of our existence, to life’s beauty, sorrow, hopes, or simply the unnameable.”


100 Years Old and Still Inspiring the Industry!

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Leo Beranek

This bit of inspiration comes courtesy of NAMM’s Oral History department:

How about a little inspiration for those who feel kind of “old” when waking up some mornings? Leo Beranek (interview class of 2011) attended the Acoustical Society of America’s 168th Meeting in Indianapolis last month where he presented two papers. The topics were “Reciprocity—A Method to Calibrate Microphones and Earphones” and “Recent Research in Concert Hall Design.” Fellow presenter Michael Pettersen (interview class of 2005) reported the papers sparked a great discussion among the attendees. Dr. Beranek (pictured) turned 100 in September and shows no signs of slowing down! I hope this gives you a little more energy—at least enough to get you to the weekend!


NAMM Foundation-Funded Research Makes Case for Music Education in The Wall Street Journal

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

WSJA recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “A Musical Fix for American Schools” quotes four major, NAMM Foundation-funded research projects and provides a strong argument for music education. From that article…

A Musical Fix for American Schools

Research shows that music training boosts IQ, focus and persistence

By Joanne Lipman

American education is in perpetual crisis. Our students are falling ever farther behind their peers in the rest of the world. Learning disabilities have reached epidemic proportions, affecting as many as one in five of our children. Illiteracy costs American businesses $80 billion a year.


MDA Hosting Pre-NAMM ‘Show & Tell Day’ on Jan. 20

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

MDAThe Music Distributors Association is hosting its annual, pre-NAMM Show “Show & Tell” Day on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015, at the Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel in Anaheim, CA.

MDA’s Show & Tell Day is a one-day, private table-top show of supplier member companies displaying exclusively for MDA distributor-buyer members. This event is an opportunity for suppliers and distributors to network and transact commerce one-on-one in a friendly, focused environment. Plus there are opportunities for social interaction during lunch and a business-casual reception.