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CMT at The NAMM Show 2013 – Day 4

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

So the The NAMM Show 2013 is winding down for another year. As expected, Sunday has been the least busy day, with much more room in the aisles and and noticeably fewer people tending the booths and even a few of the smaller companies already packing it in completely.

However, NAMM staff has told CMT that registration is slightly up over last year, with 118 exhibitors returning this year who were not at the show in 2012. As well, there have been 289 new exhibitors representing over 700 unique brands. Additionally, NAMM staff told CMT that the numbers of visitors is slightly down from last year but the number of buyers is up, which has created a healthier business environment.

All in all, it’s been a great NAMM Show. Of course, this convention is all about what products will be making money for dealers over the next year and you can expect to see many of those products featured in the pages of CMT over the coming months.

Now here’s a shots from around the show on Sunday.

The BiroTron, pictured here, is a tape replay keyboard conceived in the 1970s by Dave Biro and Yes’ Rick Wakeman. Though it was advertised as the greatest new instrument of its time, even receiving over 1,000 advanced orders, productions never got off the ground. It’s not known how many were made but estimates range from 17 to 35, with only 5 still known to be in existence. This makes the BiroTron the rarest pop/rock instrument in the world.







Former Atla Loma Music owner Pete Gambler gave a morning NAMM U presentation on ‘How to Decide Which Social Media Works For You.’






As they say, if you want to get people to watch, include animals and kids. These two young boys attracted a crowd as they had a pretty impressive drum-off.





Canadian producer and engineer Fab Dupont put on a demonstration of Universal Audio’s Apollo audio interface. Dupont has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Santigold.






Yet more impressive performances going on on the show floor.







Australian jazz fusion guitarist Frank Gamble put on a performance at the DV Mark booth to promote his new signature guitar.






It’s not all about rock and roll at The NAMM Show.







Let leave this with the oddest performance we’ve seen this year. This guy was using every free limb.


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